Caritas in Ukraine

Caritas Ukraine core activities are:

  • healthcare;
  • families and children;
  • assisting people with special needs
  • migration issues;
  • emergencies and crisis situations.

A comprehensive and systematic approach to solving social problems in Ukraine – focusing not one or several existing problems in society – but on their set, sequence and potential consequences.

Assistance to people affected by military conflict: 500000 Ukrainians have got assistance from Caritas Ukraine: assistance for basic needs, livelihoods; food, hygiene kits, clothing distribution; potable water, medical support; grants for small business development; rehabilitation and integration of internally displaced persons.

Social Project “Home Care”. Medical and social care at home for: Elderly people; Physically challenged individuals; Palliative patients; People who live with HIV/AIDS; Terminally ill patients; Their families and caregivers.

Support Children and Families Support and encouraging for: Internally displaced children; Youth; Children in crisis families; Parents and guardians.

Assisting People with Special Needs. Social Centers for people with special needs: nearly 20 people in each center: social and psychological support; training social skills; social integration in local communities.

Prevention of Human Trafficking:

  • Reintegration assistance for victims of trafficking;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Wide informational campaign for society.